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The success of Animated Cartoon Porn

The success of Animated Cartoon Porn

We've arrived at the point where furry porn and My Little Pony porn became one of the most popular animated niches when it comes to "fantasy" porn. What happened to us that we made a sharp turn from good old-fashioned "real" porn to watching two cartoon characters having sex and, they are not even human? One can definitely come to a conclusion that we've evolved regular porn and that porn itself needs to evolve and it needs to be defined once more, pinpointing the actual definition of it. There are so many sites out there that cover this topic, like Animated Porn, where cartoon characters and animated ones too, get fucked in the most graphic ways possible.


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More and more animated characters become more and more sexualized

Who here has watched Game of Thrones? Who wanted to have sex with Daenerys? Yup. Is she a real character? No. Is she a character from a book? Yes. Is there an animated version of G.O.T.? Yes, there is and it is damn sexy the way the Princess of Dragonstone was portrayed. So if you head on to and enter Game of Thrones, chances are that you will find something that has to do with this fantasy series. Jerking off to animated characters is nothing special, just like jerking off to Jenna Jameson or the likes. It all has to do with the sexualization of them. You can't hack your biology. It's just the way it is. Even if Minnie Mouse was drawn in a sexual way, chances are, you are getting a boner.


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There are so many of you out there that adore your anime characters. Waifus are becoming the new muses so many masturbate to. They have big juicy boobs, have a great personality, they make you feel a certain way and you are imagining them in all kinds of kinky ways. That's the reason why the sites like have so many visitors, because they cover most of not all of the animated or cartoon characters imaginable, in a hot and sexy way. Just go ahead and click on the links to make sure we are telling the truth.